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No Logos, No Labels, No Mass Production

Brand name doesn't mean quality. At all. Many of our carefully selected frame lines carry the names of the brilliantly creative individuals that design them, glasses, only glasses. Not shoes, handbags or polo shirts. Others are independent lines that are meticulously crafted in the small shops that build glasses, nothing else. They employ 15, may be 20 people at most, including owners / designers, frame makers, sale reps and a tiny support staff. When you buy authentic, independent lines The Eye Spot carries, you don't pay for the licensed brand name of a fashion designer or a famous company that has nothing to do with mass produced Prada, Chanel, Fendi, Coach, Tiffany or Gucci frames. Nothing whatsoever, other than selling the rights on his / her / brand name. At The Eye Spot, you do pay for the incredible craftsmanship, materials and authenticity. And customer service, of course.

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