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Blackfin eyewear

We are Italian and we work in Italy.
We care about people, the land, and our history.
This is what we call neomadeinitaly.

Balckfin history
Blackfin history

It is 1971

Maria Pramaor starts up
a company and gives it her name, and so begins a story that is still unfolding today.

It was a very different Italy in the 1960s, although something has remained the same. Even then there was an area famous for its eyewear and the care with which it was produced. Agordo is its name ad this is where, in 1971, Maria Pramaor opened up her very own frame-making workshop, after nine years as an employee in the industry. This was the first chapter of an exciting story, a tale of passion, skills, and deep commitment. Because if you haven’t always had certain values, you will never have them.

Blackfin eyewear
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