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My vision is fine, do I need to see an eye doctor?

Regular eye exams are the only way to catch certain silent diseases in their early stages, including diabetes, glaucoma, and several others. If caught early, these conditions are more easily managed or treated. Buying mass-produced, over-the-counter reading glasses is not very wise as you are truly doing yourself a disservice, both financially and medically.


Why shouldn't I buy my prescription lenses online?

You wouldn't have a suit tailored online, would you? The lenses in your glasses are pretty much tailor-made, using a number of individualized measurements that can only be taken in person. This requires a skilled, professional hand. An error of just a couple of millimeters can mean the difference between clear vision and dire discomfort. You also miss out on free eyewear adjustments, a knowledgeable experienced optician who is happy to answer any questions you might have, the soft music playing on the stereo, and the fun, unique atmosphere of the Eye Spot


Are you able to replace lenses in my own frame?

Quite likely, so bring the frame in, we will take a closer look and give you a definite answer.


What about outside prescriptions?

Outside prescriptions are welcome. We will gladly help you choose the perfect frame and the best lenses for your lifestyle if you bring in your prescription to The Pikus Eye Care.


What if I have an error on my "outside" prescription or my vision changed since the last exam with the "other" doctor?

Since it's neither your fault nor ours, we'll split the difference. If the lenses need to be remade due to an error in the written prescription, we'll discount the new pair by 50%. This offer is only available within 30 days of purchase of the original lenses from The Eye Spot.


Can you polish the scratches out of my existing lenses?

We can't, because there are a number of hard coatings used in the lens manufacturing process that would be stripped away by further buffing or polishing.


What do the numbers (i.e. 54 [ ] 17-140) on the inside of my frame stand for?

Those numbers refer to the size of the frame. The horizontal width of each individual lens is 54 millimeters, the distance between lenses or the bridge size is 17 millimeters and the temple length is 140 millimeters. While these numbers are useful for comparing sizes within a single model, they often don't translate too well between different models and manufacturers. Just like with shoes or jeans, 9.5 D Nike and 9.5 D Reebok, or a 33" waist / 36" length pair of Levi’s and a 33"/36" pair of Guess jeans fit quite differently. Another reason why it is very essential to try on eyewear in person.


What is your return policy?

Frames may be returned within 7 days of purchase and must be in pristine, unused condition. The lens purchases are non-refundable, because they are custom-made, according to individual prescriptions and measurements.


Do you have limitations on the types of lenses you offer?

The Eye Spot is a private optometric/optical business and doesn't have to obey to the corporate restrictions that Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, For Eyes, Vision Works, etc have to deal with. We strive to provide our patients with the best quality lenses within their budgets and can get pretty much any lens product that is on the market today. 

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