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The EYE SPOT Office Policy
"Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we will do whatever possible to ensure that you are happy with your examination and any purchases. We ask that you please review and respect our office policies to facilitate an enjoyable, worry-free experience."



  • Discuss insurance coverage issues with your company's human resource personnel. Please determine the extent of your medical insurance coverage and vision insurance coverage. They both cover eye care and can be used in conjunction with each other.


  • Take note that we are required to abide by each company's rules and are not allowed to modify coverage, effective dates, etc. unless authorized to do so by your insurance company


  • Understand that you are ultimately responsible for your bill.


  • You will be billed for any services or materials that your insurance company fails to cover.


  • Our office will do everything possible to resolve any issues that may arise.


  • Our office does not issue refunds. As glasses are custom-made for the individual, our suppliers will not refund us the costs of lenses once they are made, or frames that are used.


  • Any unopened, unexpired, contact lenses may be returned for office credit.

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