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Lindberg Luxury Eyewear

Lindberg sunglasses, acetanium collection

The Old World royalty, including Queen Elizabeth II, Crown Prince Frederik, Princess Mary, Queen Margrethe ll, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, has worn Lindberg glasses. So cool, elegant and unique the titanium Lindberg eyewear is, you can see it framing the faces of every who-is-who in most glamorous professions - from royalty, to celebrities, to sports figures, to politicians, to tech gurus. Phil Jackson, Franz Beckenbauer, Matt Damon, Channing and Jenna Tatum, Kate Bosworth, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan, Diane Keaton, Chris Hemsworth, Richard Gere, Stellan Skarsgård, Vincent Cassel, Sam Worthington, Robert De Niro, Nick Jonas, Mandy Patinkin, Simon Cowell, Giorgio Armani, Tyra Banks, Bill Gates, Bernie Ecclestone, Placido Domingo and François Hollande - all have been seen in a variety of unique glasses from 11 Lindberg luxury eye wear lines and collections, that include spirit, n.o.w., 9800 strip, 9700 strip, acetanium, rim, strip, air, precious, horn and sunglasses.

Lindberg air rim titanium

No screws, no rivets, no welds, minimalist design, extremely light and easy to adjust by a trained optician - the luxury eyewear from Lindberg combines design, function and fashion. It all started in around 1986, with the forward looking optometrist Poul-Jørn Lindberg looking for a ligthweight glasses for himself. Unable to find a pair in his own shop that would be lightweight and minimalist enough, Dr. Lindberg decided to design his own frame. Teaming up with the famous Danish architect Hans Dissing, the doctor came up with the Air Titanium frames. The Lindberg first batch of titanium, originally used in the space shuttle, was obtained from a US firm whose main dealings were with Boeing.

Lindberg strip

Today, the family-run Danish business is led by Henrik Lindberg, trained architecht who graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark in 1985. All Lindberg collections / lines are manufactured for adults and children, in both optical and sunglasses, and are readily adaptable to the contours of any face. In addition to using acetate and platinum, Lindberg makes truly luxury eye wear frames forged from 18-carat solid gold, shaped from buffalo horn or Siberian mammoth tusk, and inlaid with pink diamonds from the Argyle.

Lindberg horn

Recognized as one of the world leading international luxury eyewear companies, Lindberg currently boasts 85 awards for design and technical achievement.

Lindberg sunglasses strip

Lindberg strip 9800

Lindberg acetanium

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