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#1 and BEST eYe Wear Shop in North and

North-West Chicagoland!

The Eye Spot Optical Our store is geared for fashion oriented, modern four-eyes. Unlike many impossibly cool boutique eyewear shops, we in The Eye Spot do take insurance. Your insurance won't cover all the bells and whistles like anti-glare, UV protection, polarization and what have you, but you won't regret the out-of-pocket costs. Once the harmless yet very thorough eye exam is complete by our doctor / owner, our opticians will guide you through the incredible selection, taking a close look at your facial structure and your vibe to match you with the glasses of your dreams. They know what's new, what's hip, and what's overwrought, and they won't dare put you in that predicament. Conservative, funky or edgy, you will walk away with the coolest glasses anyone has ever seen, because they'll look as if they were especially designed just for you. repost something!

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